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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Hello, hello! It's been a looooong time since I've posted, and I've definitely missed it and all you lovely people! I had to take a break over, and during the run-up to, my exam period, which is why I was pretty much AWOL for most of April, and I hit a bit of a blogging slump during May. But now I'm back and kicking things off with this post! Hooray!

Today's post is focused on The Liebster Award. I was nominated by the lovely Kimmiee (go check out her blog, she posts some great stuff!), so a massive thank you goes to her for sending this my way!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Liebster Award (I literally had no clue what it was when I was nominated), it's a lovely way for bloggers to get to know each other and discover new blogs. If you're nominated for the award, you do a post that answers the questions you were asked when nominated, and in turn nominate some other bloggers. You can check out the rules below:

The Rules

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you

2. Answer the questions your nominator asked in their post

3. Nominate between 5-11 bloggers for the award

4. Ask your nominees between 5-11 questions

5. Let your nominees know they've been nominated!

I was asked 5 questions with my nomination from Kimmiee, so without further waffling, here they are!

"What's the one thing you would change about yourself?"

Ooh this is a tough one. I think we'd all like to love everything about ourselves, but naturally that doesn't tend to happen. If I could change one thing about myself, it would probably be to make myself more confident. I think I'd get a hell of a lot more done, and would be generally happier. I can be quite shy and introverted a lot of the time, so having some more confidence definitely wouldn't be a bad thing! Think of all the things I could do...

"Do you prefer shopping for clothes online or in-store?"

I like shopping for clothes, period. Is that a good enough answer? No? Hmm, okay. Well shopping in-store means I get to try things on, definite bonus there (no being disappointed when I try to squeeze myself into something I've bought online), but I definitely tend to buy more when I go in-store...those damn offers by the tills... Shopping online means I get to skip the boring queues, though, and often have a larger range of things to browse through, plus the added bonus of having someone else bring my shopping haul to my front door (and hellooooo online discounts!). So I guess I'd have to say shopping online...but you know... shopping.

"What's the one beauty item you cannot live without?"

Now this isn't fair, there's like, at least three beauty products I can't live without. How am I supposed to choose between my concealer, eyeliner and mascara?! Need those bags covered...need those eyes defined...nope, I refuse to decide. (Sorry Kimmiee!)

"What's your perfect first date? Trip to the zoo or dinner?"

Okay, you're going to hate my poor excuse of an answer here, because I'd definitely choose both. Not that I'm trying to get my date to drop all the cash, but I think a nice day wandering around the zoo would be a great ice-breaker, less pressured and more fun, and dinner afterwards would provide that more intimate time to get to know each other a bit better. I suppose that could be split into two dates...maybe I'm just high maintenance...(my poor boyfriend). 

"What's the one thing that will annoy the life out of you?"

There's a whooooole lot of stuff that could go in this list! I'll admit it, I can get annoyed quite easily, but I guess one of my biggest pet peeves is rudeness. I cannot stand people who are impolite or bad-mannered, it really gets under my skin. It takes two seconds to say please/thank you or treat someone with basic respect and decency! Oh, and people who chew loudly...that really bugs me too...

So there we have it! I have to say, Kimmiee asked some great questions, and I'd like to thank her again for nominating me! Sorry if some of my answers were a bit boring, but I still refuse to choose between my top three must-have beauty products...

Now onto my nominees. I'm nominating 5 bloggers today, you can find them below along with links to their blogs:


1. Sophie Anne Taylor

2. Lolita Bonita

3. Chloe Tommo

4. Vanessa Clayden

5. A FabABulous Life

And here are the questions for my nominees! Since the weather has been a bit warmer recently, I've given my questions a summery theme!


1. What's your favourite holiday destination?

2. If you were stranded on a desert island with only one book for company, which would it be?

3. What's your favourite summer activity?

4. What's the ultimate ice-cream flavour?

And finally...

5. How are you planning on spending your summer?

I've had a lot of fun writing this post, and I hope my nominees enjoy writing theirs! I've missed chatting to you all, and can't wait to read some of your great new content! So ciao for now, and let me know your favourite thing about summer in the comments!

12 comments on "THE LIEBSTER AWARD"
  1. I love the question you answered and set! They were different to mine, but you had some great responses 😁

    1. Thank you Lydia! It was my first experience of the Liebster Award, but I'm glad it came across well!xx

  2. I love reading these awards posts, they're a great way of finding out things that you never knew before! I'm definitely someone who likes to actually go shopping, especially as I'm between sizes at the moment! Rudeness is a huge pet peeve of mine too!

    Abbey 👾

    1. Shopping can be hard when you're not a 'set size', or when you're a different size in every store! And I'm glad we agree on the rudeness thing!xx

  3. Hi, I love reading these award posts as its a great way to find out more about the person behind the blog. Great answer about the shopping 😊, Chloe.

    1. Thanks Chloe! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!xx

  4. Id love to improve my confidence too! Lovely post.
    K xxx

    1. Confidence is a lovely thing to have, I think! Thanks K xx

  5. I agree, rudeness is my pet peeve too. Actually, it mostly just makes me want to cry. I'm such a wimp. Lovely post! x

    1. Thank you Isabel! I'm glad to see people agreeing with the rudeness thing!xx

  6. Great post!

    I agree with the shopping! Any excuse to shop for clothes eh hehe. Rudeness is definitely a pet peeve. Hope you're having a great day
    Leigh |

    1. Thanks Leigh! And totally, I'll take any excuse to buy some new clothes!xx


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